Cyclodextrin Database

The cyclodextrin database is a web-based searchable resource on cyclodextrins. The cyclodextrin database with more than 700.000 entries contains well structured information on publications on cyclodextrins as well as structural and biochemical data on cyclodextrins and guest molecules. The database consists of two modules, a literature and an interaction module. The literature module of the database contains a comprehensive list of approximately 30000 publications on cyclodextrins. The interaction module provides structural and biochemical information on approximately 250 cyclodextrins and 3000 compounds that interact with CDs. Using a user defined search algorithm and comparison tools associated with small molecule-cyclodextrin interactions users can efficiently obtain relevant information associated with the ligand cyclodextrin interaction before commencing experimental work, and consequently generate new knowledge and hypotheses for further investigation.The interaction module is based on approximately 1000 original papers and reviews.

The Cyclodextrin database can be used for:

-surveying up-to-date literature information (references) on cyclodextrin binding data of native and synthetic compounds;
-selecting of cyclodextrin that binds your ligand with highest affinity;
-selecting of cyclodextrin that is capable to obtain enantioseparation of your molecule

The Cyclodextrin database offers indispensable information to:

researchers in pharmaceutical, environmental protection or the food industry;
-academic experts;
-students in separation science;
-cyclodextrin research in general.

The Cyclodextrin database is a valuable search tool because:
-both keyword as well as structural search are available in order to facilitate effective searching for data and information;
-the database provides online tools for users to upload their molecule for comparative analysis in published cyclodextrin interactions.