DockingServer is an internet service that calculates the site, geometry and energy of small molecules interacting with proteins. The user can dock ligands to proteins and analyze their interaction in 5 easy steps. The DockingServer is offered to everyone in the field of molecular modelling from beginners to professionals. DockingServer can be used for docking and thorough analysis of single ligands or for high throughput docking of sdf files.

DockingServer offers an easy way to compute ligand-protein interactions or virtual high-throughput screening calculations in 5 easy steps:

– Ligand setup
– Protein setup
– Docking calculation
– Results evaluation
– Figures and Methods preparation for report

Docking Server offers an easy to use graphical interface:

– For setting up and running docking calculations,
– For advanced setting of the parameters used in docking calculations,
– Evaluating and presenting the results,
– Writing method section for reports,
– For organizing docking data,
– For organizing protein and ligand libraries,
– Search within ligand libraries according to chemical structure and physicichemical properties